Our Impact

We have always been proud of our organisational culture, which prioritises staff wellbeing and ethical practices. These values developed organically within our business and, as such, sustainability and people-first approaches have always been the unwritten rules of our ethos.

But unwritten rules aren’t enough.

We wanted to be crystal clear about where our priorities lie. We wanted our clients and stakeholders to know exactly what they can expect from our business practices. And we wanted to know that we are actively demonstrating our values in all we do, with rigour and integrity.

Cue, our impact project.

This is not a tick box exercise. This is work that we, as an organisation, are deeply invested in and care about, and which will ensure the long term, sustainable development of Smith Goodfellow.

Our top-line commitments:

  1. As PR professionals, we aim to communicate the realities of the climate crisis and advocate the importance of businesses acting to improve their environmental and social impact.
  2. As a business, we aim to understand and be mindful of the impact of our own operations and seek to improve it wherever possible.
  3. As employers, we aim to remain a people-centric organisation, putting the wellbeing of our staff at the heart of every decision we make.
  4. As a member of our local community, we aim to be a positive and active force, contributing our time and resources to improve our local built environment and empower the people who use it.