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Establishing a new approach to PR and marketing for the next phase of Guardian Building System’s evolution.


Guardian Building Systems wanted to have content that would appeal to their homeowner customers and potential installers and fabricators of the Guardian Warm Roof. Their goals for the initial 3-month core campaign were to:

  • Re-affirm their market position as the market leading provider of solid roof solutions in the UK,
  • Increase awareness and interest in both the brand and the product to support the generation of homeowner leads; and
  • Increase interest and inquiries for becoming a Certified Installer.

They needed refined thought-leadership content that positioned them as true industry-leading experts, making homeowners aware of the benefits of choosing a Guardian Warm Roof over competitors and positioning the brand as creative and customer-focused masters in their field. Additionally, as a company which has built long lasting connections with its fabricator and installer network.


In response to this challenge, we created a plan which spanned several streams of work, and it was essential to differentiate the content for the homeowner base and the fabricator / installer audience.

We focused on initial brand development – delivering a branding workshop that touched on tone of voice, developing brand guidelines, and visual and creative direction.

We established the importance of website refinement in providing a solid base for the homeowner campaign and fabricator / installer focused content, developing optimised content for: product benefits, brand story and showcasing Guardian’s installer network.

These three areas were supplemented by;

  • A series of blogs, informed by keyword research, addressing relevant issues and strengthening the brand voice and persona.
  • The design of an animated brand timeline, developing Guardian’s brand story and championing it as a historic brand and originator of the warm roof system.
  • Editorial content for esteemed publication Total Installer, promoting product benefits and establishing the brand as a solution to relevant industry issues.
  • Monthly newsletters with curated content, appealing to Guardian’s network of installers and fabricators, strengthening existing relationships and providing an insight into all aspects of Guardian.

Vital to the achievement of Guardian’s goals was a social media campaign, that was delivered on a range of platforms, to support key messaging to all audience groups. This included:

  1. Seasonal Content (Homeowner)
  2. Lifestyle & Inspiration (Homeowner)
  3. Benefits Content (Homeowner / Installer)

The content needed to be engaging and informative, with a Christmas giveaway also providing a high level of interaction and supports Guardian’s everyman, inviting persona.

For Guardian’s installer network, we used informative LinkedIn content to communicate to installers the value of becoming part of Guardian’s Certified Installer network, helping installers to recognise Guardian as a strong and reliable brand and the benefits of associating with it.


As engaging, insightful and expert content was released consistently on social media platforms – Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter – and on Guardian’s website, this had a positive effect on social media engagement and website traffic.

The client was incredibly happy with the work we produced and have since remained a valued client since Q4 of 2022.

The campaign resulted in:

  • An increase in web visits by 83% vs the same period in 2021.
  • An increase in leads by 65% vs the same period in 2021.
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