Speedpanel branding – launching a new brand into the market

Bringing an exciting new product to the market, Speedpanel needed a brand to help it shine.


Speedpanel approached us as a new, small-scale manufacturer with no previous marketing or PR and no presence in the market, looking to launch their product externally, focusing on specification audiences (particularly architects & fire engineers).

The challenges included:

  • Existing website was inadequate for purpose.
  • No social media presence.
  • No external marketing presence/relationships.
  • Inconsistent brand image.
  • Limited product information.
  • Limited exposure to specification audiences.
  • Limited budget meaning all work would need to be organic with very limited paid promotion or advertising in the first instance.


In response to this challenge, we created a strategy for brand refinement and organic product launch, including:

  • Brand identity development.
  • Design & build for new website.
  • Set up and management of key social media channel including content creation.
  • Development of optimised thought leadership content.
  • Advert placement & editorial.
  • Improvements to NBS listings for specifiers.
  • Development of product literature.


As a result of this work, Speedpanel saw:

  • Establishment of a distinctive brand identity and an active digital presence with steady growth and engagement.
  • A successful website launch, with the site climbing to page three on Google for relevant product searches within six months through purely organic content, and further to page one in the subsequent three months.
  • Set up of NBS listings and optimisation which bumping listings from page six to being consistently in top five results.
  • Significant growth on LinkedIn – 584% follower increase & 1,800% increase in link clicks over three months (Dec ‘22 – Feb ‘23).

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Speedpanel branding – launching a new brand into the market