Kingspan Light + Air Designing for Happiness at Work campaign – Industry Issues with a People Focus

Bringing the needs of people and industry solutions together through creative and engaging thought leadership.


Kingspan Light + Air wanted to engage with Happiness at Work Week in a way that highlighted the benefits of their product offering without being a ‘hard sell’, and that positioned the business as thought leaders in the industry as well as providing genuinely useful content for building designers, owners, and managers.


In response to this challenge, we researched, wrote and designed a ‘Designing for Happiness at Work’ report which provided a highly engaging, visual guide that demonstrates the benefits of daylight and natural ventilation for occupier health and wellbeing, and how this contributes to happiness, with practical information about the difference this can make in the workplace.

The report was grounded in a breadth of verified international research and was positioned to be interesting, practical, and accessible, whilst addressing important and pressing issues for consideration within the built environment.


The guide was successfully launched via the company website, with promotion through social media. It received 50 downloads in the first three weeks.

There was also a hugely positive response through internal sentiment at Group level, where the report was sent to us by a senior executive as an example of the kind of work, they wanted to do more of— not realising we were the agency who created it!

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